Illustrative course outlines

At OTC we believe in tailoring our courses to meet each client’s specific requirements.  The illustrative course outline below gives an indication of the type of course content that we’ve been asked to deliver. For more information call us on +44 20 7700 3330 or email

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Preparing an effective business case

What is covered?

The aim of the course is to enhance participants’ knowledge of how to structure, write and present an effective business case.  It can be offered as a session prior to participants writing a case which will be assessed prior to presenting to managers back at the workplace.

Who will benefit?

Participants wishing to enhance how they present their ideas in a formal business case.  No prior learning is necessary, although having an idea of a suitable project to apply the skills learned to would be useful.

Course content

  • Outline the structure of the “coffee filter” business case model
  • Describe how to focus and challenge options
  • Show how to identify options
  • Detail the keys steps in effective risk assessment
  • Detail the key financial measures used to evaluate business proposals
  • State the importance of including intangible as well as tangible benefits in the business presentation
  • Outline how the Minto Pyramid structure creates logical and clear business documents
  • State the three rules in the Minto Pyramid Structure
  • Describe three measures of readability
  • Show how to improve the readability of a business document
  • Summarise the key steps in presenting an effective PowerPoint presentation


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