OTC Training Team

  • Chris Stuart MD at Ockendon finance and strategy training

    Chris Stuart

    Strategy, leadership, finance, capital markets

    Chris is the managing director of OTC and is responsible for managing key client relationships. A highly experienced trainer with a relaxed and engaging style, he has a particular expertise in making complex subjects understandable.

  • Clare Calderan leadersip, financial analysis specialist

    Clare Calderan

    Leadership, financial analysis, markets

    Clare is a talented and experienced trainer who delivers a wide variety of financial analysis, corporate finance and financial markets training. A former corporate broker at HSBC she has a very engaging approach that helps participants to learn.

  • John Pacey finance expert Ockendon Training

    Jon Pacey

    Strategy, financial analysis, markets

    Jon is an experienced trainer with a talent for engaging participants' interest. He has worked in M&A, strategy and management consulting, and brings a wealth of experience to the classroom.

  • Des Morris derrivatives, trading and risk specialist

    Des Morris

    Derivatives, trading and risk management

    Des specialises in derivatives and risk management training. Previously Des worked in futures and options sales at Credit Lyonnais, and in business development at IntercontinentalExchange.

  • Paul North risk management, derrivatives training

    Paul North

    Markets, derivatives and risk management

    Paul is the former head of education at Euronext.liffe. He specialises in the delivery of derivatives training on futures, swaps and options and is much in demand as a trainer.

  • Neil Brown OTC derrivatives, asset, risk management

    Neil Brown

    Derivatives, asset and risk management

    Neil delivers risk management, derivatives and capital markets training. He is a former futures trader and a former head of risk management at HSBC Asset Management.

  • Alan Hicks FX, derrivatives training specialist

    Alan Hicks

    Markets, derivatives and FX

    Alan is a highly experienced former FX and currency options trader who, for the past ten years, has specialised in financial derivatives training. He has written two books on FX, and his friendly, accessible style makes him popular with participants.

  • Mark Doran OTC market trading, risk management training

    Mark Doran

    Markets, trading and risk management

    Mark is an experienced trainer who delivers training in a wide range of financial topics. Mark worked in operations and also as a trader, and his engaging style brings a market, trading, operational and risk perspective to his training.

  • Jan Abbey leadership trainer OTC

    Jan Abbey

    Leadership development and coaching

    Jan has a background in consultancy, operations and management. She specialises in leadership development and coaching - helping managers achieve more of their potential, and increase their teams' performance.

  • Paul Kitching risk, derrivatives and financial markets specialist with OTC

    Paul Kitching

    Finance, Markets, derivatives and risk

    Paul specialises in capital markets, risk management and financial derivatives training. He is the former Head of Interest Rate Product Development at NYSE Liffe and an examiner for the Securities Institute

  • Malcolm Sullivan credit products and financial analysis training at OTC

    Malcolm Sullivan

    Credit products, financial analysis

    Malcolm has a relaxed and measured delivery style and specialises in credit, financial analysis, restructuring, and project and structured debt finance.

  • Yolanda Clatworthy credit and financial analysis training

    Yolanda Clatworthy

    Credit products, financial analysis

    Yolanda is an experienced trainer who teaches a wide variety of banking, credit and financial markets topics. A former banker with NatWest, MeesPierson and Barclays Capital, she has a lively and engaging delivery style.

  • Kate Horne leadership skills coaching

    Kate Horne

    Leadership development, executive coaching

    Kate's career spans training, consultancy and senior management in public, private and not-for-profit sectors. Kate is a highly skilled group facilitator and executive coach and is fluent in French and Portuguese.

  • Cathy Reilly OTC leadership training

    Cathy Reilly

    Leadership development, executive coaching

    Cathy is a very experienced facilitator, and executive coach. A former management consultant, she coaches senior managers to develop their leadership skills and high value relationships.

  • Gill Thomas Markets, FX and derivatives training

    Gill Thomas

    Markets, derivatives and FX

    Gill is one of our financial trainers with particular expertise in dervatives and FX. Gill was a currency options dealer before becoming a trainer and has worked at Credit Agricole, HSBC global markets and Fidelity.

  • Anna Hong OTC office management

    Anna Hong

    Client Relationship and office manager.

    Anna manages programme administration and the operational side of our key customer relationships. Anna has worked in London, New Zealand and China, and is fluent in Mandarin Chinese.

  • Mark Le Mesurier Excel and office training specialist with OTC

    Mark Le Mesurier

    Excel/Office training

    Mark has a background in sales, consulting, analysis and project management and is a highly articulate and motivated trainer with a specialism in delivering bespoke training in IT/Excel and MS Office.

  • Des George leadership and business development trainer with OTC

    Des George

    Leadership development, business simulations

    Des provides practical back up for a broad range of corporate training events.  He is a director of Challenge LBD our partner organisation.  He coordinates a team  of support workers that manages all aspects of the nuts and bolts of business simulation.

  • Gerry Lynch leadership trainer with OTC

    Gerry Lynch

    Leadership development, business simulations

    Gary has over 30 years of experience of working with groups from a wide variety of industries and backgrounds. He has worked as an adjudicator on business simulations for twenty years designing and delivering “experiential learning” programmes.

  • Jill Bartram OTC leadership development specialist

    Jill Bartram

    Leadership development, business simulations

    Jill runs many of our business simulation programmes and is also a capable and experienced training administrator . Her main role is “driving the banking function “ of the simulation that involves processing all transactions and production of the accounts.

  • Ann Thomas executive coach with OTC

    Ann Thomas

    Business simulations , executive coaching

    Ann has extensive experience as a coach and group facilitator in leadership and management development.  She has tutored on a Masters in Development Training programme and is an Honorary Teaching Fellow for Lancaster University Management School

  • Richard Cavill production manager with OTC

    Richard Cavill

    Production Manager

    Richard is our production manager and responsible for our hard copy training materials.He has had a varied career in print and reprographics including: graphic designer, plate maker, lithographic offset printer, guillotine operator and copier engineer. He continues to look for more ways to improve speed and quality whilst reducing costs.

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