Illustrative course outlines

At OTC we believe in tailoring our courses to meet each client’s specific requirements.  The illustrative course outline below gives an indication of the type of course content that we’ve been asked to deliver. For more information call us on +44 20 7700 3330 or email

Strategy & Leadership Finance & Commerce Investment Banking

Developing effective financing solutions for major corporates

What is covered?

A course designed to develop participants’ skills in identifying and developing effective capital structuring, and being proactive in the use of financing products for major corporates.
Participants will be led through: the process of ascertaining a company’s financing needs; analysing the key factors influencing financing decisions; understanding  the principles of credit rating and company valuation; reviewing debt structure from liquidity management standpoint; effective use of debt financing products; and understanding key risk exposures and potential use of risk management products

Who will benefit?

Participants should already have sound corporate financial analysis skills and be familiar with the features of the key banking, capital markets and derivative products, including the main Structured Debt Finance products. Whilst the course is primarily focussed on debt products some existing knowledge of the key principles of corporate valuation will be of benefit.

Course content

Understanding a company’s current position and strategic goals
    • Core activities
    • Market position
    • Growth areas. What activities might be divested?
    • Competitive position and dynamics of the industry sector
    • Organisational structure of the company?
Identifying and understanding the risks facing a Company
    • How key risks impact on banking requirements
    • Managing costs
The Banking perspective
    • Regulators’ and the credit crisis – principles and implications of Basle III Assessing risk and reward– principles of RAROC
Assessing financial performance?
    • Accounting based measures: ROE, ROCE
    • Other measures: CFROI, EVA,IRR and NPV
    • Linking with cost of capital
    • Key factors in credit rating
Analysing the debt structure
    • Debt capacity and credit rating
    • Use of debt products
    • Equity perspective
    • Off balance sheet exposures and risk management
Final case study
    • Debt and equity financing recommendations for a real company


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