Illustrative course outlines

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Essentials of equity derivatives

What is covered?

This course gives an introduction to the key types of equity derivative product (futures, forwards and swaps) and how and why they are used.  We start with an introduction to basic derivatives and explain forward and futures and how the markets function.  Moving on, we will look at index futures and equity swaps and construct pay-off diagrams to demonstrate profit and loss.

Who will benefit?

Anyone with an interest in equity products and derivatives.  No prior knowledge is assumed.

Course content

What are derivatives?
    • the key differences between derivative and cash market products
Equity futures and forwards
    • What is a forward contract?
    • What is a futures contract?
    • How to calculate fair value – the principle of no-arbitrage
How futures markets operate
    • Market makers, speculators and arbitrageurs
    • Futures trading simulation
Index futures
    • Using index futures to bet on market direction
Equity swaps
    • Using equity swaps to monetise positions, access markets and minimise taxation
Contracts for difference and spread betting
An overview of options and equity options
    • Puts and calls
    • Option payoff diagrams


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