Illustrative course outlines

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The essentials of micro-economics

What is covered?

The aim of the course is to give participants greater understanding of key economic concepts and more confidence in discussing and applying economics with colleagues and clients.  Specifically: supply and demand; costing; inflation; and the concept of GDP.

Who will benefit?

Participants with no background experience in economics looking for a basic grounding in micro-economic concepts

Course content

Demand and supply
    • What do economists mean by demand and supply
    • Estimating the impact of changes in demand and supply on the economy
    • Price elasticity of demand and its importance in business decision making
Competition, monopoly and oligopoly
    • Marginal revenue, average revenue and total revenue
    • Marginal cost, average cost and total cost
    • Perfect competition
    • Monopoly and oligopoly
Factor markets, income and wealth
    • What are factor markets?
    • The distribution of income and wealth
The circular flow model and GDP
    • The key components of the economy
    • What is GDP?
    • How is GDP calculated?
Aggregate supply and demand
    • What is aggregate supply and demand?
    • What are the key drivers of aggregate supply and demand
    • The interaction between short run and long run aggregate supply and aggregate demand
    • Recessionary and inflationary gaps
    • Stagflation
    • What is inflation?
    • Recent trends in the UK’s inflation rate
    • The impact of inflation on aggregate demand and aggregate supply
    • Inflation and interest rates


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