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Exotic and Structured derivative products

What is covered?

A review of exotic and multi-factor options and how these are used by banks and their clients in trading, hedging and creating structured products.  Following a brief introduction to exotics we will look at: Barrier options, Digital options, Quanto options, and multifactor options and their application.

Who will benefit?

Participants with a working knowledge of options who are looking for a more in-depth analysis of their use.

Course content

Exotic options
    • What are exotic options?
    • Review of Bloomberg OVX screen
    • Compound chooser and power options
Barrier options
    • Knock - ins and knock - outs
    • Up and in/down and out
    • Double knock ins
    • Barrier option Greeks
    • What’s the point?
Digital options
    • Cash or nothing
    • Asset or nothing
    • Range accruals
Quanto options
    • The benefits of quanto options
    • Quanto examples
Multifactor option structures
    • Basket options
    • Rainbow options
    • Mountain options – Altiplano, Annapurna, Everest
Applications creating structured products
    • Capital - protected structured products
    • Using exotic options as the alpha generator
    • Adding Asian tails to protect return
    • Yield - enhanced structured products
    • Selling options to generate premium


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