Illustrative course outlines

At OTC we believe in tailoring our courses to meet each client’s specific requirements.  The illustrative course outline below gives an indication of the type of course content that we’ve been asked to deliver. For more information call us on +44 20 7700 3330 or email

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Introduction to bond markets

What is covered?

This course gives an overview of the key players in, and products of, the fixed income market.   We will cover everything from ‘what is a bond?’ to some basic understanding of the yield curve and the ideas of credit and interest rate risk.  This would be an excellent introduction to prepare participants for the other more detailed courses in this area.

Who will benefit?

Participants looking for a good grounding in fixed income either as useful background or as a primer for more detailed training.  No prior knowledge is assumed.

Course content

Understanding bonds
    • Securitised debt instruments
    • Key features of bonds
    • Bond market statistics
Investors, issuers and intermediaries in the bond markets
    • Why borrow?
    • Why invest?
    • Trading bonds
Anatomy of a bond
    • Coupon and interest yield
    • Introduction to bond pricing and yield to maturity
    • The process of issuance
Understanding the yield curve
    • Yield curve measures
    • The shape of the yield curve
    • Yield curve theories
    • Yield curve shifts
Bond portfolio management
    • Managing interest rate risk
    • Managing credit risk


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