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Introduction to hedge funds

What is covered?

An overview of the history and development of the hedge fund market and the key types of hedge fund strategy employed, together with a review of the hedge fund products offered to banking clients.  The course specifically looks into strategies of: arbitrage, long and short, events and global macro.

Who will benefit?

Participants with an interest in strategies employed by hedge funds in generating returns.  An understanding of basic financial products would be useful.

Course content

What is a hedge fund?
    • Alfred Jones and the development of the hedge fund industry
    • What differentiates a hedge fund from a mutual fund?
    • What are the main types of hedge fund - arbitrage, global macro?
Structure of a typical hedge fund and hedge fund strategies
    • Legal structure (domicile, legal entity)
    • Financing
    • Private equity
    • Property
Arbitrage funds
    • The transaction cost barrier
    • Fixed income arbitrage
    • Convertibles bond arbitrage
Long and short
    • Management styles - top down/bottom up
    • Bottom up investing
    • Active vs. Passive management
    • Risks
Events - based trading and special situations
    • Types of event and how to profit from them
    • Distressed securities
    • Merger arbitrage
    • Risks of directional trading
Global macro
    • Investment strategies
    • Risks and controlling risk
Assessing hedge fund performance
    • Data transparency issues
    • Value at risk
    • External measures, benchmarking


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