Illustrative course outlines

At OTC we believe in tailoring our courses to meet each client’s specific requirements.  The illustrative course outline below gives an indication of the type of course content that we’ve been asked to deliver. For more information call us on +44 20 7700 3330 or email

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Introduction to process improvement

What is covered?

The aim of the course is to introduce the ideas of process improvement as a method to increase business effectiveness by examining and improving critical processes to deliver better products or services.   We will consider the steps of BPI and defining As-Is and to-Be, link in the balanced scorecard and introduce six sigma and the seven basic tools of quality (Ishekawa diagrams, check sheets, control charts, histograms, Pareto charts, scatter diagrams and flowcharts).

Who will benefit?

Participants with an interest in improving best practice in their firms and initiating change.  No prior learning is required.

Course content

  • Explain the link from defining organisation goals, through identifying stakeholders, to aligning business processes to realise those goals.
  • Understand the roles within a management system of: business leader; process owner; operational manager; and process operator
  • Describe the steps of BPI:
  • Defining existing structures (As-Is)
  • Determining what outcomes would add value to the organisation and how to align processes to achieve the outcomes (To-Be)
  • Addressing re-organisation of the workforce and systems to meet the new objectives
  • Introduce the ‘Plan – Do – Check – Act’ (PDCA) cycle and link it to the responsibilities of each of the roles examined
  • Link BPI to the goals of the balanced scorecard and the importance of benchmarks
  • Introduce ideas from current best practice methodologies (e.g. Six Sigma)
  • Use the seven basic tools of quality
  • Discuss the elements of successful implementation from management commitment to willingness of individuals to support change


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