Illustrative course outlines

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Introduction to technical analysis

What is covered?

A review of how the price behaviour of securities can be analysed using technical analysis.  The course is highly interactive, with extensive use of the Bloomberg information system and participants undertaking a broking simulation exercise illustrating the significance of certain market trading mechanisms.  Amongst other ideas we will look specifically at: moving averages, candlestick charts and the Bloomberg functions GPO, GPC and PFP. We will also be considering trading systems and the types of order placed by traders and how they affect the market.

Who will benefit?

Participants new to technical analysis looking to understand some of the basic thinking behind what causes short term share price movements.  No prior knowledge is required.

Course content

Introduction to technical analysis
    • Dow theory
    • Theoretical and empirical arguments – does it work?
    • The basic tools of technical analysis – trend analysis
    • Moving averages – SMA and EMA
Identifying patterns – OHLC & candlestick charts
    • OHLC charts
    • Japanese candlestick charts
    • Point and figure diagrams
    • GPO, GPC, PFP functions on Bloomberg
Traders and trading
    • Buy-side and sell-side traders
    • Market, limit and stop orders
    • Market impact
    • Expiration instructions
Market trading mechanisms
    • agency-based sales trading versus proprietary trading
    • order driven vs. quote driven systems
    • advantages and disadvantages of each
    • Broking simulation
    • Participants role play sales traders and prop traders, in a highly interactive trading simulation
Retracements and the Fibonacci Series
    • Gann retracements
    • The Fibonacci series
    • Fibonacci retracements and projections
    • Retracements on Bloomberg,  GPF
Identifying turning points
    • Moving average convergence divergence (MACD)
    • Bollinger bands
    • MACD and BOLL functions on Bloomberg
Channel patterns – RSI and Stochastic oscillators
    • Welles Wilder’s RSI metric
    • George Lane’s stochastic oscillator
    • RSI and TAS functions on Bloomberg


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