Illustrative course outlines

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Macroeconomics essentials

What is covered?

The aim of the course is to give participants greater understanding of key economic concepts and more confidence in discussing and applying economics with colleagues and clients.  Specifically: money and interest rates; economic indicators; asset price bubbles; and non-standard economics.

Who will benefit?

Participants with no background experience in economics looking for a basic grounding in macro-economic concepts

Course content

Money and interest rates
    • Money supply defined
    • How banks create money
    • The impact of changes in the money supply
    • The role of the Bank of England
    • Interest rates and the economy
Economic indicators
    • The economic cycle
    • The main economic indicators
    • Leading, lagging and coincident indicators
    • What do changes to the main indicators imply for the wider economy?
Asset price bubbles
    • Outline the common features or stages of asset price bubbles
    • Review causes of asset price bubbles and the role of myths/rumours
    • Identify indicators that might highlight potential bubbles
    • Understand the issues around predicting bubbles
Non-standard economics
    • Can traditional economics or finance explain market volatility?
    • The major insights of behavioural finance
    • Allais’s paradox and the implications for optimising and trading
    • The role of technical analysis in market bubbles


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